Sunday, February 28, 2010

BEET Bread.. Really?

Yep, Red Beet Buns to be exact.
These were our assignment for Feb 15.  I loved making these!  First off, it was a great excuse to use my brand new Cuisanart food processor to grate the fresh beets (worked like a charm!) and second, the dough  was so pretty.  The beet juice dyed it this lovely pink color- perfect for Valentines Day!   Beets are one of my favorite vegetables so I wasn't as leery of this recipe as a lot of my fellow bakers were.  As it turned out, beets were not the dominant flavor at all.  Instead they had a slightly  onion-ey taste. Delicious!  The day I made them, my newlywed daughter and her husband came over for dinner.  I had the table all set with my red dishes and pink crocheted tablecloth.. it was nearly Valentine's Day, after all.  :)
My son-in-law is not a real adventuresome eater, so I was a little nervous about what he would think of red bread.  But, he bravely took one then kind of hung back to see what everyone else's reaction would be.  Hubby and daughter had no such reservations.  They took one bite and both declared them a winner.  They loved them!  THEN I told her what was in them.  She started laughing and said it was a  good thing I didn't tell her beforehand because she HATES beets. hmmm.. didn't remember that.  By this time sil gave them a try and decided he liked them too. Hooray!  HBin 5 pulls through again. This one will definitely be on my 'make again' list!  Would love to share this recipe but can't due to copyright issues.  But, I heartily recommend the book- Healthy Bread in Five Minutes a Day.  The recipe is on page 180.  If you'd like to see what the other great cooks did with this dough you can check it out  here.  A big thanks to our noble leader, Michelle, for picking this fun recipe!

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  1. Love your photos and your tablecloth. I liked the beet buns too. They are really good with turkey as a sandwich.