Friday, March 5, 2010

Love This Site!

I was surfing last night and stumbled across this fascinating site:  The Knead For Bread  I love the variety of breads... Every thing from Triple Onion and Bacon Buns to Carmelized Black Walnut Bread or Potato Sour Cream and Chive Bread plus some fun new ideas for forming dough.  The only sad thing is that the last entry was November of 2009 so its not an ongoing project.  Anyway, I had a grand time rummaging thru all the posts.. quite a few of their recipes went on my 'gotta try!' list.  Sigh.  So many recipes, so little time!

I'm still waiting for that avocado to ripen.. Oh, wait.  I just checked it again.  Its perfect!  I'm off to mix up some Avacodo-Guacamole Bread.. (doesn't that sound good??)

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